Mole and Rat (Chosŏn'gŭl: 다람이와 고슴도치, lit. Mouse and the rat) is a South Korean CGI-animated series about two school-aged generic animals that fight a good army. Given the fact the show is from South Korea, it is one of the many programs available in the country, as South Korean television isn't controlled by anyone but censors. Because of this, it is highly likely all South Korean programs are loaded with entertainment, similar to this CGI series.

Why It Rocks Edit

  1. It is nothing more than a fun-spirited cartoon.
  2. It has nearly no graphic violence (such as murder and suicide) and swearing, despite the fact that the show is made for adults. The ending theme of the show labels it as a "Adult Cartoon", which leads to less irony.
  3. Opened political messages.
  4. In addition of said previously,some characters represent some of the countries:moles,rats and chickens portray South Korea,foxes portray America,while cats,chimpunks and dogs portray North Korea,China and Russia respectively.This all was made to tell that North Koreans,Chinese and Russians are nice while Americans are smart and useful.
  5. The secondary titular characters are toddler civillians.
  6. Quater of the time, the lip-sync matches the dialogue. Often, the characters mouths move when they are speaking. This is especially apparent during the ending of the 62nd episode of the show.
  7. Good sound effects. This is also apparent in the 62nd episode. In two scenes, a closing door sounds very suitable.

Bad Qualities Edit

  1. The CGI is awful, although it is sometimes fast and the aforementioned lip-synching could be less improved.
  2. It doesn't have any sweet moments.
  3. Terryfying character designs and voice acting.
  4. Bad music.
  5. It's nowhere near as soulful as Yesterday's Pioneers.